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Beat Exam Stress Package

It’s official, stressed students get lower results

No surprises there then…

Research suggests pupils who worry about grades scored up to 1 ½ grades lower than expected.

Student Well-Being Vs Performance

Performance comes down to: P= C-D

Performance =  Capabilities - Distractions

What if you could reduce the distraction of exam anxiety to improve your performance?

Anticipation is key to success. Yes, more revision might be needed but many competent students go to pieces under the stress of examination. More practice can help but not if you stay in a panicked state of mind.

Positive thinking is not enough

Your conscious, analytical mind, can create positive thoughts: “I am  confident …I‘ll be calm and focused on the day” etc.

Your unconscious is programmed to make decisions similar to what is already in its data base. It just repeats what’s on the tape. So if you panicked on the day, guess what's stored in your unconscious? Yes, you’ve got it: Panic!

Testangel’s hypnotic programme enters new data in your mind. By associating feeling calm & focused with the exam, it makes changes where it matters, at the Unconscious level.

Put all the chances on your side

TestAngel programme uses the same techniques that athletes & actors use to deal with Performance Anxiety. It will teach you methods that will make it almost impossible to panic.

Your brain is like a Sat Nav You punch in where you want to go and it takes you there…But if you’re focusing on failing or panicking on the day… That is what you are entering in your brain.

You need to ‘punch in’ where you WANT to go… Not where you DON’T want to end up! You don’t go shopping with a list of things you don’t want!

Why go through hell when you don’t have to?

TestAngel will help you:

You will  associate calm concentration with the exam setting, so your brain will reproduce those feelings when you find yourself in the actual test situation.

It’s called ‘Anchoring’…and you’ve probably been doing just that… But in a negative way, thinking of the test and scaring yourself silly!

TestAngel Audio Programme (20 minutes) makes this package a truly mind changing experience.

Audio programme teaches you a Breathing Technique that makes it impossible to panic

You need help this instant? Listen to this 4 minute audio, part of your package, to stop a panic attack & get yourself back in control, fast.

What is in your package:


It helped me to focus and overcome my nerves during my Level 2 Fitness exam.

It must’ve helped because I passed it this time round!

Charlie CChichester

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