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Driving Test Nerves

Beat Driving Test Nerves CD

Testangel’s hypnotic programme enters new data in your mind. By associating feeling calm & focused with the test, it makes changes where it matters, at the Unconscious level.

Did you know that around 6 in 10 will fail the practical driving test.

Lack of concentration & nerves are a major cause of failure.

People tell you: “Just relax, you’ll be ok” but how do you do that when your stomach is in knots & you’re shaking all over?

Test nerves get in the way

You punch in where you want to go & it takes you there but if you are focusing on failing or panicking on the day, then that is what you are ‘entering’ in your brain!

You need to punch in where you WANT to go, not where you DON’T want to end up! You don’t go shopping with a list of things you don’t want!

Your brain is like a Sat-Nav:

You’ve worked hard, spent money getting to where you are, you know you can drive, but mention the word ‘Test’ and you go to pieces?

Programme your brain for success

Positive thinking is not enough

TestAngel programme uses the same techniques that athletes & actors use to deal with Performance Anxiety. It will teach you methods that will make it almost impossible to panic.

Control your nerves before they control you

Put all the chances on your side

 This programme won’t teach you HOW to drive & lack of preparation or readiness might be to blame for below-par results but many competent students lose it under the stress of the examination.

More lessons might be the answer but not if you stay in a panicked frame of mind.

Get peace of mind now.

Why go through hell when you don’t have to?

TestAngel will help you:

You will  associate calm concentration with the driving test setting, so your brain will reproduce those feelings when you find yourself in the actual test situation.

It’s called ‘Anchoring’…and you’ve probably been doing just that… But in a negative way, thinking of the test and scaring yourself silly


Includes Panic Button, if you need help, fast.

With every purchase of  TestAngel Cd, you will be sent a link to download a free E-book, including a Panic Button: a 4 min Audio Programme, if you need to get out of panic mode, fast!

“This is the missing ingredient in successful driver training”

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