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ADI Part 3 Programme your brain for success

Adi Part 3 Audio CD

You have already invested so much of your time and money, do not let your nerves take the better of you. You need to show you're in control and the best way to do that is to be in control of your nerves.

But nobody has ever told you how to do that.

A main part of being a driving instructor is to teach students to respond to hazards, to cut down risks, to anticipate and take appropriate action…well this is exactly what this audio program offers you:

It gives you the mental training to deal with the 'what ifs', by remaining in control of your nerves you will be able to respond appropriately and demonstrate your capabilities.

Anticipation is key to success

You have successfully passed Part 1 and 2 of your ADI, demonstrating your knowledge of driving theory and your driving ability. Part 3 will test your teaching ability, you will be assessed on your core competence, your instructional techniques, your attitude and approach. This is by far the most nerve racking of the 3 tests as you are selling an image of yourself.

Teaching ability

Responding to requests from PDIs who have seen the benefit of the Test Angel programme for Learners, we have now launched the PART 3 TEST ANGEL Cd

Driving Instructors Part 3

Control your nerves before they control you

Put all the chances on your side

Many competent PDIs lose it under the stress of the examination.

More practice might be the answer but not if you stay in a panicked frame of mind.

Get peace of mind now.

To be prepared is half the battle

TestAngel will help you:

You will  associate calm concentration with the driving test setting, so your brain will reproduce those feelings when you find yourself in the actual test situation.

It’s called ‘Anchoring’…and you’ve probably been doing just that… But in a negative way, thinking of the test and scaring yourself silly


Includes Panic Button, if you need help, fast.

With every purchase of  TestAngel Cd, you will be sent a link to download a free E-book, including a Panic Button: a 4 min Audio Programme, if you need to get out of panic mode, fast!

“This is the missing ingredient in successful driver training”

John Grade-six-supplies


Part 3 Exam stress and the way that your body and mind respond, are the same performance anxiety symptoms that actors or athletes encounter, and just like them, to be successful, you need to train your mind.

This audio program is the ‘missing ingredient’ for successful Part 3 Test performance.

Why go through hell when you don’t have to?

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