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TestAngel spreads its wings

TestAngel Programme was developed by Christine Pirrie, a leading Psychotherapist based in the South of England and specialising in Anxiety Disorders.

In recent years, Christine has held workshops on Stress Management for teachers, NHS staff & refugee groups as well as school workshops to help pupils deal with exam nerves. Christine has also been working with driving instructors to develop the Mental Approach to passing the driving test.

It’s the noticeable increase of young people suffering for exam stress which prompted her to study this trend further and the ‘Beat Exam Nerves’ Application is the pinnacle of this research.

‘Beat Exam Nerves’ approach aims to bring equal opportunity to all students to reach their potential.

It is presented in a format that they are used to, with simple steps and practical tools, available literally at their finger tips! And without input from the teaching staff or instructor.

By stopping the Fight or Flight Response, by associating the test situation with focused relaxation, students will be able to sit their exam in full possession of their resources.

A Ready-Made solution

TestAngel Programme is effective because it makes use of the way the brain works. By programming in the mind how students want to feel, to react, during a test, the brain then associates these feelings of focused relaxation with the exam situation. Up to now, you possibly have been using ‘Association’… but in a negative way and scaring yourselves senseless in the process.

Re-programme your brain

Can you afford to ignore this ready-made solution?

Benefits of Testangel’s Programme