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ADI part 3 Instructor test

Stay calm & pass your driving test

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Driving Test NervesAdi Part 3

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Control your nerves before they control you

Testangel’s programmes use the same techniques that athletes and actors use to deal with performance anxiety, with simple, practical steps to bring back control over your mind and body.

Why go through Hell when you don’t have to

Anticipation is key to success:

Positive thinking is not enough

Many competent students fail because of nerves. To keep repeating “ I am calm, confident” is not enough if your Unconscious Mind perceives the test as a threat. You need to enter new data in your unconscious so it associates feeling calm & focused with the exam.

That is exactly what TestAngel programmes do.

Beat Exam Stress

Driving Test Nerves

Learn practical solutions to stay calm & focused on the day.

Put all the chances on your side and give your best performance

Be ready for your exams

Exams Stress

Control your nerves, stay calm & concentrated & give your best